Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mayo Clinic Trip - The Little Things No One Tells You

1.  Your schedule can change daily (or hourly)
One doctor decides on Monday that you need to see two other doctors, so they just add those in on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The first day of this trip we had at least 4 different versions of our schedule (each time they change something, the nurse will print out an updated schedule).

2.  Shuttles can be awesome and also really annoying!
There are shuttles EVERYWHERE!  Shuttles from hotels to hospitals.  Shuttles from hospitals to other hospitals.  Shuttles from hospitals to Walmart.  ye-ah.  No kidding.  Shuttles are GREAT because they save you from parking and driving and walking.  They literally pick you up at the door of one building and drop you off at the door of the next building.  However, you need to remember to have a tip for the driver.  And you also need to be prepared to wait.  Some of the shuttles only come once an hour, so if you miss it, you'll be waiting for a while.

3.  You sit around and wait and wait and wait.  And then get up and ruuuuuuun to your next appointment.
Bring a book.  Or make up stories in your head about other patients.  Or read the bazillion magazines sitting around.  But whatever you do, savor those moments because before you know it you'll be off jumping on a shuttle or riding an elevator or something. 

4.  The elevators are SUPER fast.
It's true.  They give me headaches.  I have to mentally prepare for it.

5.  It's fascinating.

If you just have time to kill, there are lovely displays of artwork all over the Clinic and the hospital.  And it's practically a museum as they have displays about the founders of Mayo and St. Marys and more.

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