Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the healer of my heart

We stand in chapel and sing out praises to God, calling Him "the healer". My stomach churns within me. My aching body reminds me that I have yet to be physically healed. The wheelchair sitting next to me, waiting to be used again after chapel, taunts that I am still sick.

I believe that God has the power to heal me. I've read the Gospels where He is shown as having power over dieases and disabilities. And I believe that He has healed others.

But I don't believe that it's always God's will for people to be healed.

At least not physically.

I cry out to God saying, "Don't you see my desperation? See how much I need You to heal me?"

But the Truth remains.

So much more than a healer for my body, I need a healer for my heart.

Without Jesus, my heart is bruised, decrepid and rotten.

Oh Great Physician of my soul, come and bring the healing I so desperately need.

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