Monday, May 9, 2011

Mayo Clinic Trip - Day 2

It was a long day.

Tomorrow will be even longer.

: /

Let's start with the not-so-fun parts about Mayo.  Today was exhausting.  Although we only had two appointments, we were racing back and forth all day.  Here's a quick schedule to give you an idea of what we went through.  (skip this next part if you're in a hurry).

**take shuttle to mayo.  talk to lady at information desk.  ride up elevator to floor 5.  walk into the next building.  talk to dermatology lady.  wait.  take elevator down about 6 floors.  walk two buildings over.  stand in line.  wait.  give five viles of blood.  walk back through the two buildings.  take shuttle to st. mary's.  get brunch.  walk two buildings over.  wait.  talk to receptionist.  fill out forms.  wait.  talk to nurse for a loooooooong time.  wait.  talk to nurse practitioner.  wait.  talk to receptionist.  wait.  ride up an elevator.  find out the shuttle isn't coming there today.  go down elevator.  walk back through two buildings.  take shuttle back to mayo.  ride up 5 floors.  talk to receptionist.  wait.  talk to receptionist again.  wait again.  ride down 5 floors.  wait and wait and wait.  board shuttle to go to hotel.**

When you're already hurting and weary, this schedule doesn't really help.  It is also emotionally draining to spend over an hour and half discussing symptoms and talking about how this has completely changed my life.  The medical professors want to know every detail so they make you relive moments that you wish you could forget.  An hour and a half of straight questions (even if they are asked kindly) makes you feel a bit like you are being interrogated.

now onto the good parts about today.  We met some kind people.  The lady in dermatology worked and worked to get me an appointment this week.  There is only one doctor in all of Mayo who works with my condition (that proves how rare it is, I guess!!) and he didn't have any openings.  We prayed and prayer and this lady rearranged things.  We have to stay an extra day, but Mom is hoping that it will be worth it.

The nurse who did my intake interview and exam was SO gentle with my joints and with her on-slaughter of questions, which I really appreciate.

We saw a young mom who had her hands full trying to board a shuttle to St. Mary's with a baby, a stroller, a medical file and a big backpack.  So we offered to help.  She seemed relieved when she accepted.  Incredibly, when we were on our way back to Mayo (hours later) she was on our same shuttle!  We really enjoyed her sweet spirit and getting to help her.

And finally, I had the kindest nurse do my blood draw this morning.  My goal is always to acknowledge my medical staff as human beings so I try to brighten their days, look them in the eyes when we speak and express gratitude for their work.  In the short time it takes to draw five viles of blood, we talked about all sorts of things.

My goal today was to see beauty in the midst of pain.  We slowed to enjoy the beautiful artwork lining the walls.  We read about the history of Mayo and St. Marys.  I updated my gratitude journal.

955.  Funny accents
956.  sweet baby girl waving chubby fingers
957.  tulips standing tall in the wind
958.  blueberry waffle cone ice cream
959.  discussing wedding colors
960.  one who goes above and beyond their job description
961.  Get Well Soon balloon brightening up a hospital
962.  hearing rain falling on the roof
963.  wall filled with detailed, coloring drawings of butterflies

Daily Log:

Hours at Clinic: 8.5 hours

Shuttle Rides: 4

Appointments: 2

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