Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mayo Clinic Trip - Day Three

It was day two of appointments!  Today was long - it was one appointment that lasted about 8 hours.  Thankfully they gave us lots of breaks, which was helpful.  It was an educational appointment and we got lots of helpful information and a great packet of information to take with us.  We shared the appointment with three other patients and their guests.  It was a bit discouraging at times to hear people talk about having this for 20+ years....  I tried to not think about that.  But we're glad that I'm getting this awesome information after only a couple years of pain, rather than after a couple decades.  (Side note:  they were all shocked to find out that I graduated college...they thought I was still in high school!!!).

We had an INCREDIBLE lunch in the St. Mary's cafeteria.  Whoever said that hospital food is gross clearly hasn't eaten here!!  We had Chevre Stuffed Portabella (a portabella mushroom stuffed with a yummy goat cheese/rice mixture and topped with a delicious pesto sauce).  On the side we had steamed spinach (my favorite) and a freshly baked roll.  :)

We finished about 4:30pm and spent a little time exploring Rochester and doing a little shopping.  It is nice to see something other than a hospital (even though these are the loveliest hospitals I've ever seen).  I'm ready to head to bed because I am TIRED.  Tomorrow is another long day where we will be jumping shuttles to race back and forth between buildings all day long.  Thank you for the encouragement you send...it means so much and I appreciate it.

Daily Log:

Hours At Clinic: 9.5 hours

Shuttle Rides: 2

Appointments: 1

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