Sunday, April 28, 2013

summer produce challenge

We're trying a fun little experiment in our house.  It started as the idea to eat vegan for lunches.  But it has slowly evolved when I realized that quite a few of my recipes for yummy vegetables included parmesan cheese and I really didn't want to skip that!  So then we were calling them vegetarian lunches.  But it doesn't really do it justice, because it's more than just not eating meat.

Last night I told my husband that it's "lunches where the vegetables shine" and I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes and requested that we please just stick with calling them vegetarian.  :)  We'll be eating primarily vegetables and fruits for week day lunches for the summer.

We're starting tomorrow!

I've been busy pinning interesting vegetable recipes, choosing the ones we'll try this week, compiling the list of ingredients and shopping for them.  The picture above is our shopping cart after we left the produce section! (side note: I'm a little disgusted by how many plastic bags we used.  I need a new system)

Here are some of our reasons for doing this experiment:

  • make healthier eating choices and hopefully lose weight
  • eat more intentionally (perhaps focus on what is in season and buy more local produce?)
  • find new recipes to avoid getting stuck in a cooking rut
  • teach our bodies to be satisfied with a meal of vegetables 
  • to say we did it!  we both thought it sounded like a fun experiment for the summer!

Here's the recipe I'm making for lunch tomorrow: Cucumber Avocado Caprese Salad


  1. Great idea. I love the plastic bag comment. What CAN we do to replace those????

  2. Love it!

    We use reusable produce bags. Here are some from Amazon:

    We got ours at Whole Foods or Fresh Market.

    - Gina

  3. @Gina - awesome! I'll check them out! Thanks for passing it along.


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