Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Whole 30 Easy-Peasy Tilapia Recipe

I'm a bit embarrassed to call this a recipe because it's really so easy and simple.  This is a quick meal that we whipped up last night when we started our second Whole30.  It uses ingredients that I keep on hand and is very adaptable, so if I do happen to be out of an ingredient, I can easily leave it out or find a substitute.

Start with two tilapia fillets and cover both sides with lime zest and a sprinkling of sea salt.  Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 25-30 minutes.

While the fish is baking, make guacamole!  We use two avocados, lime juice (from the lime that was zested, but reserve 1/4 of it), tomato, red onion and salt.

When the fish is done, plate it and squeeze remaining lime juice over it.  Top with guacamole and dig in!

Oh man, for as many times as I say that I am NOT a photographer, I really need to say I am SO not a food photographer!!!  I don't do this meal justice, so you'll just have to give it a try.  And if you do, maybe take some better pictures of it?  :)


  1. That looks so good! My husband was never a fish eater but since we started our diet he is learning to really love Tilapia. I am definitely going to try this one.

  2. I love guac and tilapia!!! However, I have always been too intimidated to make my own guac;) It's like I will somehow butcher the combination of flavors so badly, that I will ruin my love for guac. Seems a little irrational, I should probably try to make this recipe;)

  3. @Megan,
    Oh my goodness! You should definitely make your own! It is so easy and it's fun to play around with the flavors a little to come up with the perfect combination.

    p.s. this recipe is good with grilled chicken too!


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