Friday, January 24, 2014

Show Us Your Singles Link Up - Meet Megan!

Although I write about a wide range of topics on here, I am absolutely sure this is the FIRST time I've posted anything like this!  I'm linking up with Kelly today for a Show Us Your Singles post because it just so happens that I have an amazing friend who is single.

I'm not usually the matchmaking type, but when I heard about Show Us Your Singles, I immediately thought of Megan.  I texted her a link to the blog and asked if she'd consider letting me post about her.  Megan is super fun and is usually up for an adventure so she said yes!  And I'm glad she did because it's fun to share about a best friend.

Megan and I met in a freshman nursing class, but, within a week of each other, we both ended up switching our majors to psychology.  We spent the next three years in the same classes, spent two years living in the same dorm and spent a year working together as RAs.  After graduation, Megan moved to Colorado to begin her graduate studies in clinical health psychology and since then we've kept in touch through emails, texts, phone calls, and she even came to visit when Haddy was a newborn (I think I was still in the zombie stages of new motherhood then!).

What I've always appreciated about Megan is her thoughtfulness - we always have the best discussions.  In college we had several lunches each week scheduled together and would spend the whole time talking.  Megan is full of wisdom and asks really good questions, so I like getting her advice.  Megan is thoughtful, too, in how she integrates Christianity into the rest of life and this was a subject we talked about a lot in college.  Megan is such a positive person, but I've see how she chooses to have a positive outlook even when life isn't perfect.  She's an example to me in perseverance and joy.


Megan loves music and actually plays piano in her church's worship team.  She likes nature and enjoys walking/running on trails around Denver.  Megan also likes interesting food, whether it be trying a new recipe or a new restaurant.  In college (after we got tired of the usual cafeteria food) we created a special grilled cheese sandwich that makes me hungry just thinking about it - we had to go to all different corners of the cafeteria to collect the ingredients, but it was worth it!  Megan also likes game nights with friends and traveling (the picture below is from a trip to Ireland).  And although she'd never say this about herself, I can say that Megan is a great mix of intelligent and hard working.  I mentioned how we had classes together through college and she set a high bar in terms of grades and projects!


Like I said, Megan is a super fun, amazing woman!  I'm so glad that we became friends and thankful for her wisdom in my life.

I do have one warning though: Megan doesn't eat chocolate (she says she's allergic, but I think that's impossible;)  So if you are trying to impress her, don't send chocolate!

**If you think you know someone who might be a good fit for Megan, leave a comment here or send me an email directly and I can pass the information along to her!


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  2. Hi! Thanks or the comment on my brother Cade!
    Let me know if Megan is ever in the Austin, Texas area so they can meet!
    Have an great weekend!


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