Thursday, January 23, 2014

"no-reply commenters" - check your settings!

Ever commented on a blog and wonder why the blogger didn't respond?  It might be because of your settings!

When you leave a comment here, I get an email from the address associated with that Google account.  However, many people unknowingly have their email address set as private since that is the default setting in Blogger.  So when your comment comes to me, it comes from a no-reply email address.  Instead of being able to write back to you directly, I can only leave a comment on the post and hope you check back.  I've heard other bloggers make similar remarks about trying to track down a commenter with whom they are trying to connect.

Here's a quick guide to checking your "noreply" settings!  Start at your Blogger dashboard:

If you have your blog linked to your Google+ profile, the box below might look different.  Then you'd want to select "Revert to Blogger profile" before going on to the next step.

Right above the Blogger Profile, I've blacked out my personal email address

This step is simple enough.

See where the underlined portion?  That will tell you which email address the bloggers will see.  I have a email address just for the blog, so that's what I use for my comments as well.  It's a nice way to keep things separate from my personal email.  If you'd like to keep your personal email private, but still comment on blogs, I recommend getting a separate email address under which you can comment!  

Make sure you click save (at the bottom of the page) when you're done and then you'll be all set!

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