Tuesday, May 21, 2013

article from The Gospel Coalition

Today I happened upon The Gospel Coalition's website.  Although I'm familiar with TGC, I'm not on their website often, but today I was looking for something in particular.  However, an article on the front page grabbed my attention called "Parents, Do You Think Before You Post?" by Jen Wilkin.

Here's an excerpt:

Every day parents use social media and the blogosphere to offer up photos and posts chronicling all manner of child misbehavior, parental frustrations, and mishaps involving bodily fluids. I think these posts are made by well-meaning parents, unaware that they are creating an online identity for their children. But with every post, we construct a digital history of our child's life—a virtual scrapbook for public viewing—and we might want to think harder about the trail we are leaving behind. Do our comments and photos preserve our child's dignity or gratify our own adult sense of comedy? Do we post our thoughts to satisfy a need to vent? Do we miss the truth that our families need our discretion far more than our blog followers need our authenticity?

I've written before about our decision to make a private family blog to protect and respect our son's personhood.  Wilkin's post follows this same theme and is an important read for any parent.

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