Friday, September 23, 2011

on the eve of my wedding

Tomorrow my dress may get wrinkled.  My makeup might get smeared.  My hair may get messed up.  It may rain and we might all get wet.  The food or the decorations or the music might not be to the liking of all of the guests.  Because of my illness, my legs may fail and I might just not be able to stand the whole time.  After all my careful planning, some details may simply fall apart at the last minutes.

But guess what?

I don't care!!!!

Tomorrow I am marrying my best friend.

And that is enough for me.

May God be honored through the wedding and even more so through the marriage.


  1. That is the right attitude, girl! Your day will be perfect because it will be just the way God planned it and you will be marrying the man God has for you! :-) Btw...we will all gladly get wet for you! :-)

    - Jessica R.

  2. Praying for your special day and even more so the days that will follow! Marriage is an awesome adventure, and I know you'll enjoy the ride (even though sometimes it is bumpy!). Get ready to learn more about God and yourself! Love you, Callie.


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