Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ode to my favorite dress.

This is my absolute favorite thing to wear (with the exception of sweat pants, of course).  I bought it years ago from Shade Clothing and have practically worn it thin since then!  Usually I pair it with a denim jacket, brown boots and a scarf.  But sometimes I'll wear a cardigan with it or just throw it on and go.  It is super comfortable, it can be thrown in the washing machine with my normal laundry, it had pockets (!!!).  Pretty much, this is an incredible dress.

Unfortunately, Shade no longer sells this dress.

Otherwise I would own about five of them.  (kidding.)  (sort of.)

Shade just came out with a similar dress.  So I ordered it in the plum stripe (I also really, really like it with the gray stripes!!).  The mailman delivered it yesterday.  It's pretty cute.  (Score!) But it doesn't have pockets.  (Bummer.)  I wish that they offered this new dress with pockets and in solid colors (other than black) because I would buy one of every color!

Photo Credit:  Retrieved from Blissfully Domestic blog on September 14th, 2011.  Originally from Shade Clothing

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