Friday, July 15, 2011

mark driscoll responses

If you're even semi-involved in Evangelical circles, you've probably heard about Mark Driscoll's recent facebook post asking his followers, “So, what story do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leader you’ve ever personally witnessed?”

Clearly (and for good reason) this has raised a lot of controversy.  Although I have been challenged by Driscoll in the past, I'm glad that people have spoken out against this.  It would be pointless for me to attempt writing a Christian response to this - others have written much more poignantly on the subject.  Here are a few links to articles I have appreciated on this subject.

In fairness to Driscoll, I must add that he apologized for his flippant comment.  I do admire his willingness to admit that he was wrong and his obedience to the elders who are over him. 

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