Thursday, July 7, 2011

Currently Reading: Too Small To Ignore

I'm starting a new "series" where I share what book I am currently reading and my thoughts on it.  I love to read all sorts of books.  But in this world of electronics, movies, TV and more, I have found that it becomes far too easy for me to put aside reading for another day or simply never finish a book.  This will be a simply accountability to both read and reflect.  And hopefully it will also encourage others to read. :)  Mr. Mays and I plan on reading books together when we're married, so hopefully that will give me even more to write about.

Too Small to Ignore:  Why The Least of These Matters Most

Dr. Wess Stafford, President and CEO, Compassion International

This book shares Stafford's personal life (including growing up in a remote African village) and his professional life.  He writes compellingly for Christians to "change the world one child at a time."  If you know me at all, I would hope that you know that I love teaching and working with children.  I spent two years doing children's ministry with Life Action Ministries, I have spent countless hours babysitting children, I have taught children's classes in at least four different churches.  Just last night I was sharing with Mr. Mays the excitement I feel when I see little ones understand the story and see their little hearts being turned towards God.  I still have a lot of the book left to finish, but already I am challenged and encouraged by Stafford's words.


  1. I want to have people that love little people and love telling them about Jesus around my Iliana. God bless you.

    As you know, Shawn and I read to each other for hours upon hours prior to Iliana. Remember I told you how he read to me 8 hours straight at a bed and breakfast...we went through little house on the prairie, chronicles of Narnia...most of the space trilogy...Christy...Shawn makes up great voices.

  2. one of my favourite books!!! I used to work for a CI employee and she gave it to me. I ended up reading it after I no longer worked for her (though I did try before). Man, am I glad I read it!!! I have read it multiple times in the past 2 years.


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