Saturday, July 30, 2011

class recommendations for cedarville university

For those of you still attending Cedarville, I thought I would take this moment to pass on a little advice. Here is a list of my absolute FAVORITE classes while at CU. I'm not taking the time right now to type out the explanations for each, but if you would like to know why, just ask. :)

1) Wisdom Literature with Dr. Estes (this man has impacted my life in such profound ways...and I actually took this class spring 2010 and then sat through it again spring 2011 because it was so good :)

2) Human Sexuality with Dr. Dolph

3) Scriptural Interpretation of Gender Issues (SIGI) with Dr. Fagan

4) Psalms with the esteemed Dr. Estes

5) Social psychology or Intimate Relationships with Dr. Dolph (it's a tie...I couldn't pick)

6) Old Testament Literature with Dr. Miller

7) Abnormal Psychology with Dr. Becknell

These are some of the classes that I WISH that I had time to take...

1) Hermeneutics with Dr. Couser
2) New Testament with Dr. Couser
3) Church History with Dr. Smith
4) Pentateuch with Dr. Ham
5) Logic (and/or Ethics) with Dr. Graves

Ok.  That's all for now.  :)


  1. I agree with all of the class recommendations (and yes, I have taken all of them).

  2. That's a lie...I haven't taken intimate relations. However, I know a lot of people who have and they all love it!

    Social Psychology was definitely one of my favorite classes, though. It helped me better understand my human nature. All of the theories that we studied showed me that on our own, this is how I will behave. When we have Christ's blood, the Holy Spirit's direction and God's power, we can act in opposition to this.


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