Sunday, January 25, 2009

Prostitutes and Pimps

A quick look into my brain:

I was on Beth Moore's blog.  That reminded me of one time when I heard her speak about the possibility to expanding her ministry into other countries.  That made me think of other countries.  That made me think of Cambodia.  That made me think of human-trafficking.  That made me think, "Wouldn't that be great if some prostitutes got saved and Beth could go over and lead one of her bible studies!?"  That made me think of child prostitutes getting rescued and being introduced to Jesus.  That made me think to pray for them.  That made me think about of the pimps.  That made me wish that they would stop their operations.  That made me think to pray that they would be saved.  That made me think about what an incredible testimony they would have.  That made me think of John Newton.

And all of the in less than five seconds!  Whew!  It's exhausting to actually write out my train of thought!!  : )

Anyway, tonight amidst the muddle of thoughts I was reminded of the testimony of John Newton.  We've all heard the story a thousand times.  He was the captain of a slave ship...yeah, yeah.  *yawn*  Then he became a Christian and wrote the famous hymn.  Big deal....

It IS a big deal!  Captain of a slave ship.  Think in modern terms.  John Newton was involved in human trafficking.  He went from being a part of human trafficking to fighting it.  He had a strong influence on William Wilberforce, who fought hard as an abolitionist.  Can you imagine meeting him in church right after he got saved??  The pastor tells everyone to stand and greet the people around them.  You introduce yourself and explain your occupation and Newton grabs your hand, looks you straight in the eye and announced that he just left the slave trade.  Ye-ah.  That would give the church busybodies something to talk about. ;)

More on this later....


  1. You really had me wondering there for a minute with your title... Hope you're doing well!

  2. Your post reminded me of a conversation I had with someone last night who read a book called Firestorm, a Christian novel about drug-trafficking, that she said was one of the best can't-put-down reads she's encountered in a long time.

    and then I thought of Nicholas Kristoff's series on child prostitution & sex trafficking (sample here)

    and then I thought how fun it was to follow your thoughts as they zipped from one thought to another and decided to share my own flow in response to yours.

    I liked peeking into your mind--I could almost see the sparks flying from synapse to synapse as connections were made. You called it a muddle of thoughts--I call it inspiration!

    Great post!


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