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My husband and I had serious discussions about our privacy as a family, and especially about giving our son the space to grow up away from the eyes of the world.  In this internet-crazed society, there are few things that are kept private.  I wonder what it would be like to grow up with your entire childhood documented for strangers to view and I can't say that it is fair to subject my child to this sort of life.  Furthermore, we have read several accounts recently where innocent pictures of children posted on their parents' facebook pages or family blogs have been taken and used by others, sometimes even for sinister reasons.

So we have decided to separate our family life and this blog.  We've set up a private blog which will be accessible to close friends and family where we will share pictures and stories of our life and our baby.

If you know us in real life (even if you don't know us well)...we're happy to give you access to the family blog.  You'll just need you to contact one of us with a gmail email address to add to the "approved" list.  I'm sure that you'll agree that there's a huge difference between allowing acquaintances into our personal life and allowing anyone in the world into it.  :)

Click here for a step by step guide in case you're having problems accessing the blog.

For more about our decision to make a priviate blog and for more about the importance of protecting children online, see these posts:

**(if you choose to leave your email address in the comments here on the blog, i will delete the comment once i add you so that your email address isn't left up)


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