chronic illness

During my junior year of college (November 2009), I got sick.  And I never got better.  That's the short version of this story.

I spent two years traveling to doctors, trying medicines, running medical tests and looking for answers.  The answers came slowly because there was a mix-up.  Most doctors were looking for one illness that covered all my symptoms.  We ended up going to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where I was properly diagnosed.  Turns out, I actually have four illnesses.  One of them is so rare that only about 400 people in the United States have it so most people haven't even heard of it.  I guess that's why the other doctors thought I was crazy - they had never heard of it either.

Being sick is part of my life now.  I've learned to work through the pain and I've learned to accept this reality.  I spent lots and lots of days praying, searching the Scriptures for answers, reading about pain and suffering, talking to others who are sick and along the way I've learned a thing or two about all this.  I feel strongly that each Christian needs a theology of suffering.  I think that I have gained a larger view of the Creation narrative through being ill.  All in all, I hate being sick.  If I could change it, I would.  BUT...God has used to this to teach me a lot.

If you are interested in reading it, I've written on being sick and you can find those posts on my blog under the label "chronic illness."  I share the honest journey of what it has been like.  It hasn't always been easy or comfortable.  I haven't always had "sanitized Christians thoughts" about suffering either.  I try to model my writing after the pattern we see in many of the Psalms - raw honesty throughout, but ending with statements of trust in God.  Anyway, just read, if you're interested.

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