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Monday, April 7, 2014

30 by 30

I try to be intentional with my life.  I want to make it count and make the most of it.  One way I've been intentional lately is by setting goals, specifically, 30 goals to reach before I turn 30 years old!

I haven't compiled all 30 goals yet, but I thought I would share a few of the ones I have chosen so far.  Here there are:

1.  Have five articles published
2.  Write 10 entries in my journal for my son
     - entry completed Feb 2014
     - entry completed March 2014
3.  Complete a 5K with my husband and my son
4.  Spend time alone at a monastery or retreat center
5.  Pay for a stranger's meal
6.  Complete another Whole30
     - We're starting one next week!  If we finish it, this goal will be completed in May 2014
7.  Take a writing class
8.  Read 50 books
     - I Am Hutterite (March 2014)
     - Cold Tangerines (April 2014)
9.  Write five guest posts for other bloggers
10. Learn to make my friend's amazing tostadas
11. Travel overseas as a family
12. Travel to two new states 

I have a few years to complete all these goals (and to finalize the rest of the list)!  You can see that I have a variety of goals - some health related, others personal, and others focused on writing.  I've also tried to quantify them as much as possible (e.g. 'Read 50 books' instead of 'Read more often').  

Would you ever consider doing 30 by 30?  Do you even make goals?  I'd love to hear which ones you've set (and ones you have reached!).


  1. That's a great list so far! You should try a run like the color run for a family 5K. My son loved it. He had so much fun going through the colors and a lot of people gave him color packets when we finished. He still asks to do that run and we did it a year ago.

  2. Oh, I love that idea!! What age do you think would be best for a child to do it? At this point we were planning on putting our son in the stroller, but I don't think I would want to use a stroller on a color run. :)

  3. Fun list! I need to check out the Whole30! You're certainly on your way with publishing and guest post goals! I FINALLY accomplished completing a half marathon this year! So many more goals, two in the cross-hairs right now: (1) Write my book (2) Improve blight at a prominent intersection in town (a 2 year goal because it involves corporations and government).

  4. Okay, people who run half-marathons are amazing to me! I am awed by that accomplishment so congratulations for finishing! Also, writing a book is a fantastic goal! Hope that I get to read that book one day!!


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