Monday, February 3, 2014

Our (very low-key) Superbowl Party!

Last night we had my favorite kind of party!  We wanted to watch the Superbowl at home and cheer on my husband's beloved Broncos (no further mention of the actual game from hereon out because you KNOW how that turned out - so disappointing!).  We invited our good friends over for the evening, which always works out well because our toddlers wear each other out and we can all sit around and talk.  The kiddos share each others food and drinks and toys and, for the most part, play nicely together.  It's a little bit chaotic in the best way possible - noisy and messy, but full of love and laughter.

Back to hosting:  I love finding the perfect recipes that I think our friends will enjoy.  I love an excuse to clean the house really thoroughly.  I love knowing that our friends don't really care if the house is clean or the recipes turn out just right.  I love creating an environment that will be relaxing to our guests.  I love having friends who are comfortable opening my fridge and grabbing a drink.  I love knowing that our friends don't really care if the house is clean or the recipes turn out just right.   I love the mess that results, too.  There's something nice about a house that has been lived in and filled with happy memories.  

Here are a few iPhone pictures I took throughout the night.  I'm including links to the recipes I used too!

Waiting for our guests to arrive, Hadden played his favorite game of shutting himself between the glass door and the front door.  I'm not sure why he loves this so, but he does!

We don't usually drink bottled water, but I needed these little bottles for a project so I was happy to have people over to help empty them!

These pictures don't do justice to the food so you might as well visit the links.  These bacon wrapped sausages were GONE.  I thought we would have leftovers, but nope.  The major downfall was that the brown sugar burned so the pan is going to be a headache to clean.

The caprese garlic bread was delicious - the fresh basil and tomatoes reminded me of summer!  We will definitely make this one again.  Not pictured are puppy chow and cream cheese sausage dip (I substituted a can of corn for one of the cans of Rotel).  The dip got high praise from our friends, so I'll probably make it the next time we have a party.

I took 12 different pictures of the toddlers playing and this was the BEST one I got!  Such busy little people!

It was a sad night in the Glorioso-Mays house, but we are still had such a good time with friends.  What did you do for the Superbowl?


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