Wednesday, September 4, 2013

staying organized during a PCS: part three

I've written before about the two notebooks that we use religiously during our moves.  We love these notebooks so much that we've nicknamed them Big Blue and Little Blue.  Today I'm going to share another hint to staying organized on your move: the first-to-unpack box.

Just like its name implies, this box contains everything you'll need when you get to the new house.  It STINKS to be in an empty home, in a new town with 100 boxes and missing something important - like scissors to open your boxes!  You'll never know where the movers put it!

The first-to-unpack box (or boxes, if you pack more than one) is the usually the last box you tape up at your old house and the last box to go on the truck.  Or you can even have it in your POV.  Here's an idea of what we usually have in ours.  Asterisks indicate something that I'll need as soon as I get into the house, but won't be able to put in the box.  For instance, moving trucks won't take any liquids or chemicals, so we put those in our car for the move.

First To Unpack:
  • Toilet paper (one per bathroom)
  • Hand soap (one per bathroom)
  • Hand towel (one per bathroom)
  • Trash bags
  • Paper Plates, Plastic Cups, Plastic cutlery, napkins
  • Paper towels
  • Scissors/Box Cutter
  • Swiss Army Knife 
  • Phone/iPad/Computer Chargers
  • Snacks
  • Flashlight
  • Bandaids, Tylenol, etc. 
  • Printer Paper/Sharpie (label each room so the movers know where to put the boxes)
  • Cleaning Supplies**
  • Vacuum**

Second To Unpack:
  • Shower curtain (and hooks)/bathroom rug
  • Toiletries
  • Bath towels (one per family member)
  • Sheets and blankets
  • Coffee pot/tea pot (if you require that first thing in the morning)

Additionally, here's a list of things you'll want to do soon after arriving at the house.
  • Clean bathrooms and kitchen (probably just a quick swish as they should be cleaned before you arrive)
  • Label each room so boxes get put in the correct room (if you have movers)
  • Put trashcan/bag in kitchen (and in bathrooms?)
  • Put toilet paper, soap and hand towels in each bathroom (and the shower curtain if you're staying the night there)
  • Put dish soap and dish towel in kitchen
  • Vacuum where furniture will be (if it's dirty - you'll probably need to vacuum the whole house after the movers are finshed bringing things in)
  • Wipe down fridge
  • Put sheets/blankets on the bed

What am I missing?  Anyone else have good moving tips to share??

p.s. the giveaway for The Tender Soldier is open for three more days!  I consider it a must-read for all Americans.

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  2. we just moved three weeks ago.. and while the essentials have been unpacked.. I am still moving things around until I've found THE spot for them. Meaning my husband can find nothing in the kitchen.


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