Thursday, September 12, 2013

good reads + FREE BOOK {september 12th, 2013}

Sometimes you read something so good that you can't keep it to yourself - you want to forward it out everyone you know.  Usually I do that on Twitter.  But today I wanted to share a few good reads on my blog, like I did a few months ago about mental health and the church.  The first is a series about parenting around the world (written through the eyes of ex-pats).  It's been fascinated to read and I've been looking forward to each new post.  This link is to my favorite from the series.

This is the type of article I need to re-read again and again and again.  I really appreciate how RHE wrestles through issues and I loved her honesty in this post - it's easy to caricaturize on the opposite side of an issue, but, like Rachel points out, sometimes they have done as much thinking, praying, studying and wrestling as we have...we've just ended up in different places.

These next two are reactions to that post that went viral this week (an open letter to teenage girls, I think it was called).  Both of these responses were gracious in addition to being well reasoned.

Also, remember last week or so when I reviewed a book and did a giveaway??  Erica at Minner Winner Chicken Dinner was also given the book to review - she's also a military spouse who I've met through blogging.  Check out her post here and leave a comment to be entered in her giveaway!  Who doesn't like free books?! :)

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