Monday, April 1, 2013

toy envy: Little Pnuts

Have you walked down a toy aisle recently?

Last week my husband and I went in search of a new toy for our son.  I'm going to be upfront about this:  we're picky parents.  We want to choose toys (and all things) with intention so that our son grows up with carefully picked, educational toys.  For now, we're doing our best to avoid toys that have characters on them and toys with batteries.  The way we see it, most of America is obsessed with electronics so we're going to "hold out" as long as possible on those types of toys and instead encourage him in more creative, imaginative toys.

Well, we're learning that toy departments aren't really geared toward intentional parents.  :(

That brings me to Little Pnuts.

A couple days ago (after we visited the toy aisle) I discovered this company called Little Pnuts. Looking over the website, I've been impressed with the company and their toys, which are "sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys".  So awesome!

Here's how the company works:

First, you tell the company about your child (their gender and their birthday).  Then four times a year, a special box is delivered to your house containing 3-5 toys that are geared toward your child's developmental stages.  There are toys aimed at children from birth until 5 years old.   Although my son is still young, I can only imagine the excitement that a toddler or preschooler would have as each new package arrived.  :)

The annual rate for Little Pnuts is $240 (or you can pay $25 per month).  To be honest, this isn't in our budget right now so we'll have to wait before we can consider signing our son up.  Since we are careful about how we spend our money, it seemed like a lot at first.  However, when my husband and I started doing the math, it made a lot more sense to us.

Here's our thinking:  4 boxes per year each containing 3-5 toys is a total of 12-20 toys.  If you pay $240, that's between $12-$20 per toy.  That's the same price range that we saw on the toy aisle the other day for the not-so-nice toys.  And when you consider that each of these toys are high-quality, educational and would hold up well for many years, it really seems worth it in the end.

Like I said, this isn't an option for us at this point, but when I find a company that I admire, I always want to tell others about it.

**Disclosure:  I received no compensation for writing this post.  I honestly just love the mission of this company and wanted to share it with others.  The Little Pnuts logo and picture are used with permission.

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