Monday, October 31, 2011

"Healthy Is the New Skinny"

I am not endorsing everything (or every picture) that this campaign puts out.  As a Christian I believe that ultimately I must find my identity in Christ and look to Him to define me.  But I AM agreeing that this is a serious issue that needs to be addresses in our culture. 

Post this video on your facebook or blog or twitter and share the message with others.  Let's reclaim the definition of beauty.


  1. I love campaigns like this, and we need more of them! "Plus size" modeling is starting to come back in, ("plus size" as in size normal like you and me) and I think it's great. I think my only qualm with campaigns like this is that it can give many girls who are obese (and at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and a myriad of problems that go along with that) a false sense that they fall into the healthy category, and therefore do nothing about it. I could be generalizing and I could be completely off base. Even for me, it's easy to see stuff like this and be ok with myself and not want to do anything to improve myself (as right now I'm not doing any regular exercising or really watching what I eat, but I'm still within the healthy weight range). Anyway, I suppose I always like to question things and maybe that's just what I'm doing right now. All in all, this is way better than the stick-thin, starved girls and women we see all over the place in media! Either way, we still need women to understand that no matter what size, even if unhealthy, that beauty goes beyond skin-deep.

  2. So true, Natalie! I completely agree with you, but you did such a better job expressing it than I would have. We really see a lot of extremes in our culture - we have the extreme seen in media (of starving yourself in order to be thin) yet at the same time we see high rates of obesity throughout America. We need to strive to be healthy in eating and exercise and not fall to either extreme. Again, I really appreciate your thoughts on this! You hit the nail on the head.


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