Saturday, November 7, 2009

accepting grace

The past couple of weeks have been exhausting. The majority of the stress has been related to health issues, but it just has seemed like I am failing in every aspect of life lately. I hate not having the energy to do my normal things...I hate not being around for the girls in my hall and for my friends...I hate having to miss classes and ask for extensions on homework...I hate feeling too drained to make it through the day...I hate being emotionally exhausted.

Yet I am slowly growing because of this. I am learning to accept the grace that Jesus offers, which is so humbling, yet so very refreshing. In addition I am learning to accept the grace that others offer and not feel guilty about it the entire time. It is so humbling to have others constantly serving and encouraging you. I cannot begin to express how much people have sacrificed and served over these past couple of weeks.

Accept grace.

Enjoy grace.

Relish grace.

Embrace grace.

Stop and thank Jesus for the grace that He offers and as you do, breathe grace to those around out and humbly accept the grace that they offer as well.

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  1. Your comments on grace were well put Callie. We love you dearly and continue to pray for you.


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