Saturday, October 17, 2009

Journal Entry: Monday, October 5th, 2009

Thinking today about the Israelites and the hindsight bias that we have in regards to them. We read the Old Testament and see that God always came through for them. And yet, they had no idea what would happen. Like when they were leaving Egypt, they were trapped with the Egyptians on one side and the Red Sea on the other. There was seemingly no way out. And even if there had been a way out, the Israelites probably didn't imagine that it would come as it did. They start to panic and we (reading it thousands of years later) think, "Just wait for it...okay, in one, two, three..." and voila! The Red Sea parts and they are saved.

We get so stressed out over the events in our lives because we don't have the advantage of the hindsight bias. If someone looked at my life in about 200 years and read through my journal they would probably say the same thing: "Just wait for it!" God has a purpose in all that He does and He even uses my stupid mistakes somehow. Hindsight bias makes it so easy to see the hand of God and see that He has a purpose in each of the events in my life (or at least can change my mistakes into good) - Lord, help me to be faithful and steadfast despite not being able to see the hindsight bias.

Hebrews 11 is such a great chapter because of the hindsight bias. Yet as those individuals were going through each of those situations, I am sure that they were confused and asked the same questions that we ask today. "God, do You have a plan in this??" "Are You really there??" "Are You even listening??"

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  1. I needed to hear this tonight. Just like the Israelites I'm unfaithful, complaining, untrusting, and the list goes on and on and on... Just having a really tough time right now, and I know I will someday look back and see God's faithfulness through it.


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