Saturday, April 11, 2009

one month.

If you've been on Facebook lately you might have noticed my status.  It said that I would be off Facebook for approximately a month.  That was Monday.

Recently I was challenged (through a book that I am reading) to really consider the influence of the media.  Not just the messages that media gives, but also the amount of time I spend watching movies, etc.  This author shared that their family decided to give up most movies for a while and take that time and spend it with the Lord.  We watch movies to "veg" and escape and relax.  But spending time with the Lord should really be the most refreshing thing of all.  I really, really, REALLY did not want to give up Facebook, movies and TV shows for a month - and that was exactly why I knew that I needed to do it!  : )

Please, please don't misunderstand me.  I am NOT saying that it is wrong to watch movies or have Facebook.  Not at all!  I simply was convicted that I was spending too much time on Facebook and that I was going to movies to relax and being refreshed.  Also, this is the last month of school so any extra time that I am not spending with the Lord should really be put towards studying!!!

I am not going to say that it has been particularly easy or that it has been particularly good.  Already there have been several (okay, many) times when I have wanted to look someone or something up, only to realize that I couldn't do it without Facebook.  And yeah, the newest Amazing Race is online and I haven't watched it.  THAT takes self-control!  ; )  (PLEASE don't tell me what is happening on the show!!!!)

On a more positive note, I found a bunch of Pastor Rob's sermons that had been archived on the podcast and downloaded (or is it uploaded??  I always get those two confused!) ones that sounded particularly good.  I look forward to listening to those soon.

It's late.  I'm tired.

Before I go to bed, let me just check my Facebo........


Never mind.  ; )


  1. I should give up facebook too. I don't really watch that much tv but I definitely get on facebook wayyy too much. It's practically the only way to stay connected to people- but maybe I should make a little more effort to re-connect, instead of going the convenient way...

  2. Of course, you will only hear "You go, girl!" from me!


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