Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pleasure writing

I am taking a short break to update my blog for some well-needed pleasure writing.  For the past three hours I have been furiously working on a research paper.  My brain is tired of thinking analytically, my eyes weary from squinting at the computer screen.  My fingers longed to fly quickly over the keys, pouring out my thoughts.

15 days.  Can I make it?  I have SO much to do before the end of the semester.  Just thinking about it overwhelms me!  Thankfully, I have made lists, lots and lots of lists.  There is a list for each week that details what exactly I need to work on each day.  That way no projects or exams have the chance to sneak up on me (hopefully!!).  My planner contains the list of what is due each day.  And I have a list of absolutely everything to do by the end of the semester.  And once something is finished I use a big, think Sharpie to cross it out!  Each time I mark something off it's exciting!  : )

15 days.

350 hours.

21,000 minutes.


I can make it.


  1. Praying you through these hard days, sweetie. God is faithful.

  2. Yay! Only approximately 15 days until I see you again! I hope that school becomes a little less stressful and you can get all of your assignments/studying done in time. Love you!

    ~Your special sister

  3. hey! You stole my picture! Must've gotten it off facebook or something.... =) Haha


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