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When my son was still an infant, I held him up next to our bookcase and said, "These, my son, will be your best friends."

Perhaps it was a tad dramatic, but the sentiment remains: I love books.

At this point in life, I find myself reading mostly memoirs and religious non-fiction.  I love children's books too and can't wait until I can introduce my son to my favorites!

I also have the privilege of reviewing Christian non-fiction books from Bethany House Publishers every month or so (these reviews are also listed on websites selling the books).  In exchange for a complimentary copy of each book, I write an honest appraisal.  Recently I also started reviewing books through BookSneeze.  For full discloser, all these posts are designated with note at the bottom of the review.

Links to my book reviews are below.  5 Star books are bolded

Non Fiction:
The Beauty of Broken (Elisa Morgan) 3 Stars
Bread & Wine (Shauna Niequist) 5 Stars
Fearless Daughters of the Bible (J. Lee Grady)  4 Stars
Finding God in the Dark (Kluck and Martin)  5 Stars
Francis: Man of Prayer (Mario Escobar) 2 Stars
Girl Meets God (Lauren Winner)  5 Stars
inSignificant (Chris Travis)  5 Stars
Jesus Feminist (Sarah Bessey) 5 Stars
Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me (Ian Morgan Cron) 4 Stars
Learning to Love (Baker and Baker) 2 Stars
My Lobotomy (Howard Dully)  4 Stars
Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl (N.D. Wilson) 3 Stars
The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good (Greer and Haggard)  3 Stars
Tempted, Tested, True (Cole and Ross)  4 Stars
The Tender Soldier (Vanessa M. Gezari) 5 Stars

A Star for Mrs. Blake (April Smith) 5 Stars

My Book Lists:
Women and Christianity

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