Mr. Mays and me soon after we began dating (Oct 2010)

About Me
My name is Callie Glorioso-Mays and here's a glimpse into my life!  My husband Caleb and I met in college (Cedarville University) where I majored in Applied Psychology and minored in Bible.  During college I was diagnosed with some chronic illnesses that kinda turned my life upside down for awhile.  Caleb and I were married in September 2011 and Caleb commissioned into the United States Air Force in October 2011.  Our son (Hadden) was born in August 2012 - he is an amazing blessing in our lives.

During the day I am home with Hadden and trying to return to normal life with a demanding adorably sweet baby around all the time.  ;)  I love baking, reading blogs, studying the conflation of theology and psychology, family walks and Chipotle.

About the Blog
Blogging started as a creative outlet during college - I could write without having it graded!  During college I developed chronic illnesses and I used blogging to process emotions and to give voice to my thoughts during a confusing time.  These days I write on any number of subjects including marriage, motherhood, Air Force life, theology and books.  I am a Christian so my beliefs permeate the rest of my life which hopefully comes through in my writing.

"this glorious maze" is a play off of my last name, but it is also representative of life.  Read more about the naming of the blog (and the subtitle that only exists in my head) here.  Like many people, my life doesn't always usually go as planned.  There have been so many times when God has taken me around a twist or a turn that I never would have chosen.  While the maze of life seems confusing and unpredictable, I trust that God is in control and I desire to glorify Him though it all, hence the phrase "this glorious maze".

Our wedding (September 2011)

Hadden Elijah (born in 2012)

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