Wednesday, June 26, 2013

while i'm away!

We're about to go on an extended trip.  If I was a really awesome blogger, I would have written a bunch of posts and scheduled them to post during that time.  Or I would have lined up a bunch of guest bloggers.  But I didn't.  :)  Blogging is just a hobby, so I don't stress about times like this.

(side note: there is a RIDICULOUSLY loud jet overhead and if it wakes up my sleeping babe, I will not be a happy mama.  oh, air force life!) 

While I'm gone, here are some links to explore!

My Favorite Posts:

my post-graduation job (on finding beauty in the midst of ugliness)
one of our wedding pictures (insert one big smile here)
bathtub of emotions (how to explain when you're crying about something that seems trivial)
link to an adorable NPR interview (one little girl gives her sister a haircut unbeknownst to their parents - hah)
women and church (so, so important.  i could write a whole blog on this issue alone)
welcome, little one! (first pictures of my son:)
our move to Offutt AFB (oh, so many memories there!)

Some Of My Favorite Blogs/Bloggers:

Kristen Howerton @ Rage Against the Minivan (perfect blend of serious and hilarious. love, love, love.)
Jessica @ Jessica Lynn Writes (AF wife living in *ITALY*)
Naomi @ LoveTaza (if you feel like living vicariously in NYC with two little ones in tow)
Shawni @ 71 Toes (love her intentional parenting!)
Her.menutics (part of Christianity Today)
Rachel Held Evans (while i'm recommending things and pretending like someone actually cares, go pick up one of her books - here's my favorite!)
22 Words (careful!  it's addicting! :)

p.s. ever get annoyed with airport security??  check out this hilarious TEDx talk!

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