Tuesday, May 15, 2012

it's really nice...

...to have a late-night texting conversation with a sister.

 Mr. Mays sleeps peacefully next to me as I wait for my phone to light up with a new message.  Here I am laying in bed late, late at night talking with littlest sister who is miles away from me.

And while we're talking about nice things, I decided today that I am so deliriously blessed to have a circle of support.  In other words, that I have two loving and caring parents and five incredible siblings (not to mention a pretty great brother-in-law and niece) and to top it all off, I have a few close friends who inspire me in hard times (mostly by how they have dealt with hard things in their own lives).

When I was so utterly frustrated with life's circumstances today, I called up mi madre and had a good long chat (well, mostly I talked and she listened very patiently).  And I was reminded to not take her (or any of these people) for granted.    I am eternally grateful for the way that these people have cared about my life. On the days when life is confusing and maddening and I wonder again what God is doing, it is nice to remember that sometimes He works by bringing us encouragement and support through other people.  And that these people, my circle of support, care infinitely about both Caleb and I (and our soon-to-be little one) and are willing to do whatever to support us.  Some days I feel God's love and experience His grace through other people and these family/friends of mine are some of those who do it best.

Isn't it wonderful that (in addition to giving us the Holy Spirit) He gives us people to make the road easier?  In the words of Sara Groves, life with others supporting you is "half as hard and twice as good".

And to littlest sister (who ever-so-sweetly responded to my thanks by simply saying "that's what sisters do!")... you made my night.  let's be sisters always, okay?  i think i'd like to keep you....

(I look completely cheesy in this picture, but that's because I was so happy!!  Thankfully the rest of my family makes up for me ;)

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  1. Awwww! I love you so much, sissy! whenever you're up late at night, just let me know and I'm willing to listen for as long as you need. because after all, that's what sisters do! ;)


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