Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i. hate. my. mac.

Subtitle: Computer Woes

Ok.  That's not true.  I really love my mac.  We're just going through a little bit of a "phase" right now.  (Sounds like parents talking about their teenagers!)

Last winter, my hard drive crashed.  I lost everything.

So...I got a new hard drive.  And an external hard drive.  And I backed it up religiously.

Last week, my hard drive crashed again.

I took it into the Mac store and the guy said, "Well, you'll need a new hard drive.  Is it backed up?"

"Yep.  I backed it up earlier this week."

"Awesome!  Then you'll just need a new hard drive and then reinstall your OS."

That's easy enough.

One new hard drive and new OS later...I plug in my external hard drive to discover that although all the dates are there when I backed up my computer, there aren't any files!  Thanks a lot, Time Machine! I should have just backed it up myself.  :(  And...everything just "feels" wrong...it doesn't feel like my computer at all.  I've had problems with even the most basic program installations.

Enough of my computer woes!  It's just technology...and in the course of all eternity, it doesn't matter that much.  Hopefully when Mr. Mays flies in next week (!!), he'll be able to help me a little bit more.  He's much more tech-y than I am.  We're usually on opposite sides of this mac v ps war.  But I'm afraid that with all my mac problems, I'm losing ground in this battle....

On the off chance (the very off chance) that a macintosh executive ever reads this:  you would very much restore my faith in your company if you fixed this problem!  :(


  1. so sad. I'm sorry, sis. at least you have a super cool fiance who can fix those things!

    right, Caleb? :D

  2. right, Kenna. =)

    Also, I like that little line about potentially losing this battle. I'm glad you're coming around on the fact that 1s and 0s really aren't all they're cracked up to be. ;-P


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