Friday, June 18, 2010

practicing gratitude

Delighting in the everyday.

Seeing beauty amongst the ordinary.

Capturing the echos of Eden.

Glimpsing into what waits in Heaven.

Slowing to appreciate fully.

It's not simply capturing and enjoying the moments. It's expressing gratitude to God for them.


Thanking God for the little things.

Thanking God in the midst of bad things.

We excel in areas we practice. This is my year to practice gratitude. Some days I fail. I keep a journal. A gratitude journal. A list of the things for which I give thanks. (The idea is not my own - I'm terribly uncreative. It is credited to Ann Voskamp)

A few highlights:

177. lunch dates with littlest sister
180. pregnant women, such a visible reminder of waiting expectantly
181. living intentionally with the people around me
185. suffering - Philippians 1:29
187. getting a real letter
200. waking up before the alarm
201. children blissfully unaware
221. happy airport reunions
222. going somewhere new sans GPS
224. an afternoon on a boat
228. flowers as delicate as fairies
229. fresh haircuts
237. dragonflies flitting about
246. laughing so hard it hurts
247. a field of fireflies


  1. Cal, I really enjoy reading from your gratitude journal because you are such a good example of gratitude for the small things and the hard things.

  2. ^^ Definitely. Callie, you are an amazing young woman, and I wish that I could grow up with that love for God and for living.

  3. Believe it or not, I copied you in yet another thing and started my own gratitude journal! I'm only on about my 15th entry so far, but I am inspired by the ones you put in yours because you find the little things. I miss you sissy. =)

  4. Dragonflies are nature's helicopters.


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