Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A thought came to me today when (believe it or not) I was washing my face this evening.  Not a very exciting time of day, not a very exciting thought, but as I was sharing it with my sweet little sisters one of them said I should put it on my blog.  And so...I write this post for McKenna (who will probably be the only one to care that it's on here!!)  :) 

My family has many, many allergies.  Thankfully I have been spared of most of the severe ones.  However, I've recently discovered an allergy to a certain kind of body spray.  If I spray it on my clothes or just in the air, I am fine, but if I spray it directly on my skin...oh boy!  It's a different story!

So tonight as I was washing my face (and inspecting my allergy rash) I thought of a very simple spiritual lesson to learn from allergies.  Just like in my case, the allergen (the body spray) isn't harmful to most people.  In fact, most people can enjoy it!  It wasn't created to be dangerous.  And it wasn't deadly to's just cause minor irritation, but it was still enough that I want to avoid it from now on.  Knowing that I am allergic, would you want to expose me to the body spray?  Would you keep spraying it, saying that I should just "get over it"?

 Similarly, in the Christian life some of us have "allergies" to certain things.  For instance, some Christians are not comfortable with drums in the music, perhaps because of their background before they became a Christian.  Most people, of course, love having drums in their music.  It is easy for me to look at other people and be "put off" by their convictions.  But it's just like allergies...fine for most people, not fine for them.  Just as I hope that people will keep me from being exposed to my allergen, I need to make sure to honor the people around me by respecting their convictions.

Okay, this is getting posted now, but I am almost positive that it will be edited later.  :sigh:  From now on I *really* need to blog BEFORE I take sleeping medicine.  My thoughts probably come out all jumbled!  : )


  1. No, it's not jumbled it makes sense! That is an interesting way to put it. I have had various conversations with friends over this. It is odd to me how in the Christian community there are so many convictions: some will tolerate louder music in church while others will only go to churches with an organ. Some Christians are ok with a little alcohol, others won't touch it. Same with reading books or watching movies- which there seems to be a fine line there because there are some crap-loaded movies and books out there that you have to be careful about. Sometimes I sit and wonder, so who's right and who's wrong? Is one being overly permissive, or is the other being too legalistic? Questions, questions.

  2. Hahaha I read your post Callie!!!! Aren't you proud of me???? =) Very interesting, but I've already heard it, of course!

  3. I feel honored to be called a "sweet little sister", but why wasn't special in there? =)


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